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We now have a second logo, following a rebranding. You'll now see Sheppy the Francohile Sheep on our publicity and newsletters. Click on the news tab and have a look.

About Twinning in Shepshed
Shepshed has been twinned with Domont, north of Paris since 1989.  This means that there's a special close friendship between the two towns. We meet as often as we can as families and friends either here or in Domont. These visits are busy and fun and the welcome is extremely warm.
The idea of twinning is that we stay in our partners' homes and experience their life. If you're a new member, we make sure we match you up with a family that has similar interests and where language won't be a problem.

In between visits
Throughout the year we have regular activities: some home-based and some in and around France. Here's a sample:

Crêpe evening: usually in February or March, always popular. Click here to see our new section on how to prepare crêpes and savoury buckwheat pancakes (galettes). This is partly in French; one of our members found the recipe in a book in Brittany. He hopes to translate the item soon.
French film evening: Spring event.Go to our events page for the venue and date

Recent additions to the programme

Late Summer Games: It used to be just croquet but now we have all kinds of outdoor games. It's fun and we always have good food.
French conversation evening: relaxed way to practise your French at any level.
Annual General Meeting: November, after half an hour’s business, we move on to entertainment.
Domont Autumn Fair: last weekend of September, members from Shepshed have often been over to enjoy the atmosphere of this premier event in the North Paris region.

The town of Domont
Domont lies just to the north of Paris, close to the forest of Montmerency. It’s got fast rail links into the centre of Paris.
At the same time it has picturesque countryside nearby. It was in this area that Van Gogh created many of his best known paintings.
To find out more about Domont, go to the town's website.
The Domont Twinning Association has its own website. Click on this link and have a look at what they do.
Domont Town Hall

Getting more information
Contact us on if you want to know more.
You don't have to be a resident of Shepshed - we have members from other towns in the area.